Friday, November 28, 2008

8 Skills Most Wanted Company

Source: Various Sources

As every person who wants to advance his career, the future of your career also determined,the skills you have and you can "sell" in the company. And job seekers
with the desired skills, work that is the search company, which will be faster
get a job.Actually, you can improve the skills you have to explain, of course
depending on the interest, ability, talent, the adequacy of funds and suitability career target.However, given the economic uncertainty, as now or the future, then more. whether you seek to have the skills that are useful for the improvement of career
you in the near future. 8 following the most sought-after skills today, according to research
The Ministry of Manpower USA.

1. Foreign language skills
In the modern era such as this, the mastery of foreign languages has become absolutely necessary in
all of the company when they opened their jobs. Therefore, they are
foreign language such as English, Japanese, Chinese, German and French, acapkali more
preferred and priority in the filter entrance exam in a company. Field work
specific entry category is, for example, interpreter, diplomat, etc..

2. Technical skills of the engine
Currently, the technology is absolutely necessary in all areas of business. The installation of
improve the electricity network of a building, electronic equipment and so forth.
Undergraduate Engineering, the telecommunications, automotive, transportation is part of the field
work in the category.

3. Skills in managing human resources
Generally, companies that have employees more than one person, certainly have
problems associated with how closely to make reciprocal interaction in
company. So certainly, a company's success depends on
how the officers in all lines of companies that can work with each other. They are
moving in this field of work is generally understand and handle all the needs
workers in a company.

4. Skills in the field of computer programming
The company now relies heavily on sophisticated computer systems.
That is, they need people who understand the details of the
computer program. If you have the skills, mastery of the form of
HTML, Visual Basic, SQL Server or Unix, you will become one of the assets of the company
and the opportunity to improve your career.

5. Teaching skills
As part of a modern community which is always evolving all the time, the company
the children are now often want to have the fruit of knowledge that the multi-dimensional,
not even a field of work. Therefore, many companies now employ teachers
specifically to provide additional courses for their employees, such as taxation, business
management, social services, management or administration. They have the knowledge
This kind of multi-disciplinary usually often 'in the' many companies to give 'short
course 'for their employees.

6. Financial management skills
As well as in families, companies also need financial planning
systematically for long-term survival. Many companies often
bring advisory business, investment and financial planning for the ideal time
front of them. Hence, you have the ability in the fields of accounting,
financial planners and investment or business, will always be incaran companies.

7. Skills, chemistry and mathematics
Many major advances in the world is created from a variety of discoveries in the field of chemical
and medicines. Therefore, the market needs to work in human resources
field of chemistry, physics, biology this will always be high and will never subside. The field work
including the pharmacist, for example, expert food and medicines, researchers, etc..

8. Skills to solve problems
Many of the tasks we face every day, both personally and also in terms of
business is complex, which often happens. They are able to identify
various problems, find solutions, make decisions that are effective value
added the most sought-after companies. In the category is, for example, field work


improve your self-confidence

Not finished, and we all want to be more confident and comfortable about themselves, so that life can run our best. Unfortunately, however, to foster self-confidence is not as easy bit. Here we give some guidance to improve self-confidence and self-regenerate price:

1. We do need the decision and action

You may wish to have long relationships with friends during college, or may have been long want to clean house and menyotir goods are not useful to the warehouse. Regardless, you will feel more confident with the design goals (albeit only a small goal) and act to achieve.

2. Enjoy the Things You do With Good

Do you have hobbies or sports that you enjoy? Such as swimming or yoga, painting or writing, which commandeer the attention and make you forget the time when the do them. Then, this makes you feel competent and able to do so well. Hobbies can also do so outside the normal way to improve your self-confidence. If you do not have any special hobbies or entertainment that you can enjoy, try to do something that you always want to try. Imagine you do it, and then do it! I need a big, simple things can also join the club as a way for example. You will find yourself more centered and happier by doing something that makes you involved at least once during the week.

3. Change Focus

This proved to the people who have a low sense of self is usually the people who focus too much on themselves. You can increase self-confidence by working on something that makes you focus on one thing or another. Like when you meet new people, you will find the taste disappears so nervous you focus more on the people you meet, not themselves. In the end, you will more easily interact with other people and feel brighter.

4. Be Rileks

Learning how to behave on a considerable improvement in living extraordinary. Those who behave a little more relaxing experience problems with bad memories of their life and the groove. Conducting meditation also popular ways to relax feelings, you can choose yoga or participate in Tai chi. Whatever method you use, do a serious relaxation. Keuntunngan of this is very exceptional for just ignored it. If during this you never think of relaxation as important, Think now.

5. Create List of Things That you in.

Create a list of scale. You can make whatever you in. successfully in a list, such as: pass the driving test and get a card, scored highest when playing basketball, and set the savings are more. Knowing many things that will make you in. You will be aware of what you have achieved.

Five things that we are the basic principles that you can use to increase self-confidence, but you also need to add these things permanently in your life. Always cultivate in mind, because not all people born with the talent of confidence, most of us must work to membangunya. Thus, the rise of self-confidence and self-concept of mind is your own and do every day to make you feel comfortable.


how to float inner beauty

Some important points to develop your Inner Beauty

* Smile, Smile remember with a heartfelt prayer.
* Many Blessings grateful to build more and grateful to God for all the grace and gift given to us.
* Believe that you trust themselves capable and worthy to be valued.
* Smart expand the horizons by reading books and discuss with other people.
* Focus on the work and responsibility.
* Wise Authority to respond to the situation.

* Clean Caring themselves with the good.
* Bathe regularly, at least twice a day.
* Avoid the smell of the body and mouth odor.
* Trying to remain fresh throughout the day and avoid the impression grubby.
* Healthy eating and regular exercise to stay fit and fresh.
Care for the environment * Take time for other people.
* Start learning to listen to and understand other people and bring patience.
Do not think that we live alone.

points above is a small part to develop your inner beauty,
actually more than that I write above, but this is quite representative.
inner beauty is important to support you in the crowd. Because of inner beauty can make you a more valued.

How To stop smoking

Before reading this I want to ask first, whether this time you want to stop smoking habit? If there is willingness from the subconscious you the most, in my personal compliment. The decisions you take it very appropriate for the health yourself and the people around you. Viewing the high price of a packet of cigarettes now, the decision is also very beneficial to your financial health.

Once you steady with the decision, the suggestion is that you can be practical:

1. start throwing everything associated with cigarettes. Not only cigarettes, remove the lighter, an ashtray and all associated with cigarettes. Currently you are not a smoker anymore so you do not need the items again.

2. I clean all the objects in your home that is still a smell of cigarettes. This aims to avoid the emergence of remembrance will again smell of cigarettes. Wash clothing, sheets, towels, blankets and all in all. If there are funds, so the room you really really changed and no longer the flavor of cigarettes that can raise the yearning of the cigarette.

3. Do not try to find a replacement for cigarettes that contain nicotine. Many are sold in the market chewing gum containing nicotine, so you can be free from cigarettes, but you will be increasingly bound by nicotine. Indeed, many experts recommend this method, only to be done in accordance with the advice and the appropriate dose.
Would it when you replace the nicotine chewing gum with candy or mints so that the aroma of cigarettes in your mouth. The loss of a sense of cigarettes in the mouth long time will make you forget the cigarettes to the next.

4. Usually, chain smoking have a schedule that is not written. Ex their smoking after eating, smoking while queue of vehicles and others. Make time on other activities at that time so you do not fill it with smoke. Well, for instance, you can eat candy or chew the food. When extended you can eat snack, the queue of vehicles you can browse or read the book. Is not easy but if done with full determination will then you can do.

5. Exercise and drinking enough water will help you forget the cigarettes. This activity will make your body more healthy and help remove toxins and raw materials from poorly cigarette out of the body. Exercise also makes you forget the cigarettes because preoccupied exercise, especially when the sport made the environment a lot of people there so that you can also mingle.

It is just a way to chase cigarettes from your life. All of the above ways will be successful when there is a determination from yourself to stop smoking.

Monday, November 24, 2008

prevent the virus entering our computer

Of course, all my friends already know that the virus can transmit itself to other computers with the media bring, of sorts? For sure! I also feel that same feeling when my computer is also affected by the virus-take, but I have a powerful virus that is to bring in these can not transmit itself to other computers ..

OK I will start discussing now, beginning with the way transmission of the virus through the media to bring. Actually very simple, when put into port to bring usb virus that is running live downloading a copy of itself to bring in, and do not forget to also make the location of the file autorun.inf file is not visible [hidden] that can not be seen. This is the file we will edit to virus can not run himself in the computer.

The first way to edit manually by using Notepad or WordPad. Assumed that we have to bring into the connected computers (which have been infected) bode F: \, then I will try to open the file F: \ autorun.inf and then enter. Then notepad will open automatically with some of the mantras, and after that we live with these mantras edit block all the mantras (ctrl a) and remove (or Backspace del) and you can come up empty and press the ctrl's to save. You can also write some beautiful poems about peace in the ^ - ^.

But, what if the file has a read-only attribute? that clearly we can not edit them manually (aaaaarrrrrgh !!!!). Then? What can we do? Mantras I will be very easy to teach gradually now:

1) open the notepad application (where we will write mantras)

2) write mantras del / a: rf: \ autorun.inf (without quotation marks) and then enter.

3) steps selajut his mantras is to write again! Mantras "echo 'what is written'> f: \ autorun.inf & attrib rf: \ autorun.inf" (without the quotes).

4) and then save the file with the mantras is the file name and path you it is you, but its extension should be. Paddle (must not be not)

5) and then run the file mantras that we create these new

6) open explorer

7) at the address write "F: \ autorun.inf", and press enter while the "SIM salabim ... ...." So notepad application will appear again while showing some writing, but that is clearly not the mantras ^ - ^.

After several previous step, the virus can not run himself in another computer when we connect to bring us into the USB port it. However, the viruses from the infected computer is still there in me to bring. How is this? Yah, it was not my job again. That I have become the anti-virus ... I only tell you how to virus not running when we bring into the connected USB port on the computer the other evening ... but I have still not very effective to create the virus is not running on the computer. Therefore, I will learn about the mantras, mantras at the Hogwarts to be more powerful. ^ - ^.

Peace ... If the only information and mantras, mantras, which I describe. (because it has no more need mantras, which describes ^ - ^)